Cheers! Canada 始まります(^^


Hello from Vancouver, Canada! How have you been? I have been a little quiet on SNS but enjoying the gorgeous weather in Vancouver and also working on my various projects involving around my lifework.

その取り組みのうちの一つ、このバンクーバーにワーキングホリデーや留学でいらっしゃるオトナ女子のために、キャリアプラン、コーチング、留学支援、英語サポートなどなどさまざまなサポートをする Cheers! Canada という事業を、こちらで知り合った同志の仲間と立ち上げることになりました!
As a part of my life work, I had started a project called Cheers! Canada with my fellow partners I met here. We are going to offer Japanese women who come here for study or work various support from career planning, coaching, language support, and more!

The first time I visited Vancouver was when I was in high school. The vast blue sky, blue skyline and mountains, the land filled with green, rivers and ocean… “I want to live here.” That was where I started.

I would not be here if I hadn’t had the experience living, studying and working in Vancouver. People that I met, things I learned, the work I was involved; all the experience here had certainly changed the course of my life.

There are many Japanese people who are coming to Vancouver every year to study and work. Some couldn’t shake off the dream of studying abroad and decided to come. Some want to explore their possibilities by going outside Japan. Some want to learn English, live abroad and make international friends. And others want to find their next dream by taking a big leap forward.

そんな熱い想いでこの Cheers! Canada は始まりました。
At Cheers! Canada, we want to provide support to those who are preparing to come to Vancouver and those who are already here so that they can have their own special experience. We know that time here however short can change the course of their lives and we want them to be able to say “I am here now thanks to the time I had in Vancouver.” confidently and happily even years later.

Cheers! Canada はバンクーバーでステキなご縁を頂いた
Cheer Up! Enterprise の 代表 Yuko Maria さん
世界のどこからでも、そのままの貴方を仕事にしよう aDoor 代表 Manami Kitano さん
と、私 Aiko がお届けします。
These are my business partners above: Ms. Yuko Maria, The Founder of Cheers! Canada and Cheer Up! Enterprise and Ms. Manami Kitano, The Director of aDoor.

Cheeris! Canada Website ウェブサイトはこちら
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Thank you!