Very Happy ♪|幸せ〜 ♪





How are you? We often ask each other in English. I am very happy. Why?

Because… my breakfast was heart warningly good. I had a lesson with a client of mine who was taking a break for a while. Then, I had a meeting with a potential client and I always love coming up with action plans and lesson plans to achieve his goals as quickly and effectively as possible. I also had a very pleasant time and an amazing hair cut by Toshi san at his salon, Sora, in Hiroo. My Japanese lunch was exquisite.

I am writing for my blog at my favourite cafe in Roppongi Hills listening to Shania Twain. Then, I will meet another client of mine later whom I haven’t seen for few months. Very much looking forward to it too. Then, I am off to my sister’s place for dinner. Oh oh oh, I have my new bright coloured spring sweater on today with cherry blossom colour stall.

If this is not a happy day, what is? 😉

英語では「How are you?」てよく聞くんですよね。私の答えは「幸せ〜♪」なんでかというと、、、





each other お互い

heart warning 心の温まる
have a lesson レッスンがあります
a client of mine お客様のひとり( my client というとひとりしかお客様がいない印象になるので、a client of mine というと、数あるクライエントさんのひとりという意味になります。a friend of mine みたいに使ってくださいね)
take a break 休憩を取る、休む
for a while しばらく
a potential client 潜在顧客、未来のお客様
come up with 考える、アイデアを出す
action plan 行動計画
lesson plan レッスン計画
achieve 達成する
effectively 効果的に
as — as possible できるだけーーーに
a pleasant time 良いひと時
exquisite 美味しい、素晴らしい、逸品の

my favourite cafe 私のお気に入りのカフェ
another client もうひとり(別)のクライエントさん
I haven’t seen しばらく会っていない
very much looking forward to it とっても楽しみにしている
I am off to 私は〜へ向かう
my sister’s place 妹の家( home とも言えますが、—‘s で誰々さんの家という意味になります)
have — on ーーーを着ている(ーーーが洋服の場合)
cherry blossom 桜の花


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