2017年初の月輝会♪|The first Gekkikai of the year


Yesterday, I had the first Gekkikai meeting of the year which I have had a privilege to join since the last year.


I honestly do not possess enough words to express the power of this community. I have been fortunate to have met many people especially last year and to be invited to various communities and networking events. Amongst all, Gekkikai is very special filled with an amazing energy, power and atmosphere.


We can of course clearly see that the members are inspired wonderful ladies with their own aspirations, projects and businesses. They have auras and are very passionate about their lives. That definitely makes the difference, but there is something more beyond what is obvious.


It might be due to this community’s culture of highly valuing “En,” trusting, seeing the meanings of and appreciating fateful meetings of individuals and all the relationships as well as the impacts on each other’s lives. Or, it might also be thanks to its very supportive caring atmosphere. Moreover, the members here strive to shine in their own fields and also wish the others to be able to do the same. All their thoughts must be creating such an amazing community.


On the contrary to how I may come across, I am a little chicken and get nervous attending these gatherings with new people (especially in Japanese! lol). However, every time I join, I learn a lot and get energised from presentations and conversations. Yesterday’s presentation by Ms. Minako Hashimoto on her life and business journey was delivered to my heart and my spirit in such a timely manner had such a significant impact on my course of action this year. I truly appreciate her sharing her story.


I had attended many gatherings in Canada and here in Japan, but this community is really special. I was wondering what if Gekkikai expanded internationally, but then again this community might be possible because of the Japanese culture the members share as their backgrounds. Not might be, definitely.


I look forward to the next month. 🙂


Thanks for reading!
Love, Aiko



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